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Terms and Conditions of the Conference

1. The conference will be held online on Zoom, and it is up to the delegate to ensure they have proper connectivity and have installed Zoom. Delegates must also comply with our Zoom name designation, which would be (Country - Committee). For example, (Indonesia - UNODC). Additionally, turning cameras on is mandatory. The chair will consider this for participation points. Furthermore, delegates are encouraged to change their backgrounds to their respective nation's flags.

2. After submitting the binding form, delegates understand that they MUST attend the conference. Failure to do so can affect participation in future conferences hosted by SDMUN and other partner conferences.

3. After registration, the organizer will send a confirmation of registration and other necessary information. This letter is usually accompanied by an invoice request.

4. The payment must be done within 7 days after registration, but not less than 7 days before the conference.

5. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for organizational reasons, such as - but not limited to - insufficient number of participants or as a result of force majeure. If the event is canceled by the organizer, the full participant fee will be refunded. Further liability or damage claims are excluded.

6. It is mandatory that delegates attend the conference in Western Business attire to maintain a sense of formality.

7. Delegates are required to submit position papers one day before the conference unless the chairs or secretariat decides another submission deadline. The chair will note their submission for participation points. Position papers can be submitted to info@smartdiplomats.com

8. All delegates enrolling must be between the ages of 16 - 35 years old.

9. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, delegates also consent to photos and videos of them during the conference being used as promotional material for SDMUN.

10. Delegates understand that the Chair has a final say on matters such as awards and recognizing delegates.

11. Delegates agree to maintain decorum, and under no circumstances use offensive and derogatory language, insult a fellow delegate or Chair member, harass or discriminate against someone based on opinions, sexual orientation, gender, race, disabilities, national origin, age, or disability status. SDMUN takes this policy extremely seriously, and will not allow any exceptions.

12. Delegates cannot crosstalk during the conference. Any motion must be introduced by raising the virtual Zoom hand. Delegates must wait for the chair to recognize them before speaking.

13. SDMUN will permit the usage of the chat feature on Zoom to allow delegations to communicate with each other during the conference, as this would allow communication while not disturbing the rest of the committee. Delegations are expected to use diplomatic, civil language while communicating, and can be barred from using the chat feature should the Chair deem it necessary.

14. A participation certificate will be issued for participation in the conference if the participant participated in at least 80% of the conference.