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Frequently Asked Questions

The skills listed a prerequisite in today’s competitive environment. And by participating in SDMUN Conference, you get a chance to imbibe and implement these skills: 


Social Skills, Creative & Analytical thinking, Diplomatic skills, Problem solving, Negotiation & Debating skills.


We also provide you with benefits, like official certificates, preparation and Q&A sessions before the conference, and preparation materials like the RoP document, study guides, and a guideline paper.

Applying to Smart Diplomats – MUN (Jan 2024) is extremely easy, click here for Registration.

Applications are open now 🙂 

Yes, Smart Diplomats is a Self-Funded Conference and  participants will have to pay a Conference Fee.

We have two different Conference Packages i.e.



Non- Accommodation.


Flight Ticket or Visa Fee is not included in any of the Conference Packages. 

Delegates must book the Flight Tickets directly from the Airline or through a local travel Agency.

All Registration Fee is Non-Refundable. However, you may be entitled to a Credit Voucher under special circumstances if you cancel your participation a minimum 60 Days prior to Check-In. You can further read about our Terms and Conditions.

Please use our secure online system to enter your Debit or credit card information. Payments should be made through link may be found on our website: 


 www.smartdiplomats.com and www.smartnation.com.tr

Yes, All participants will be entitled to a Barcoded Participation Certificate with at the Closing Ceremony, provided they have attended minimum 80% of Diplomatic Simulation Sessions on 2nd Day. 

Please be aware that we can issue a Visa Invitation Letter exclusively to confirmed delegates who have successfully completed the payment process, Visa Invitation Letter can solely be acquired through the official website of Smart Nation. 

Yes, you have the option to represent your home country if it is available in the list of options. However, you are also welcome to choose any country from the provided list to participate in promoting “Peace Through Diplomacy”. Even if you opt to represent a different country during the simulation, you will still be acknowledged as a delegate from your home country, representing another nation for the purpose of the simulation.

Benefits of attending the conference include networking opportunities, cross-cultural interactions, and the chance to improve negotiation, problem-solving, and leadership skills by engaging with people from diverse international backgrounds. Delegates also get to collaborate on addressing global issues and represent their nation’s diplomatic stance to a global audience.

In the case of Visa rejection, you have the option to transfer your membership to an alternate destination. This is facilitated through our Credit Voucher and Transfer Policy, which is subject to specific Terms and Conditions.


There is only one and simple way to contact us through this email: info@smartdiplomats.com and  Social media will not provide any answers that engage the SDMUN conference or its organizers.

You will only receive your allocation once your application is complete, meaning that you have been accepted and you have paid the conference fees. We do our best to give you your preferences but be aware that it is first-come, first-served basis.

At least four delegates (including one head delegate) from the same school, association or institution can form a delegation.

Observers are accepted during SDMUN 2024.