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Outreach Managers

Would you like to become an Outreach Manager for the Smart Diplomats MUN Conference in your country?

You are part of the network of 30 Outreach Manager from all over the world. If you meet the targets, you will be Sponsored to attend the Smart Diplomats In-person conference in Istanbul, Türkiye.
In the event you have the chance to meet new people from all over the world and get to know new cultures, learn new skills. You have the chance to work with us for a long time and which makes the team grow together. We also provide you with a certificate of participation.
An Outreach manager (OM) is in charge of contacting schools, colleges, university groups, and individuals to promote our virtual conferences in your country on social media and convince your friends and bring delegates for our Virtual Conferences.
You have the opportunity to work with us for an extended period of time, which helps the team develop as a unit.

Outreach Manager Form

Apply now at info@smartdiplomats.com and become our Outreach Manager today!