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Smart Diplomats Model United Nations (SDMUN) is the online MUN program, designed to provide Model UN opportunities to anyone with an Internet connection. Our community of globally connected and engaged youth are working together to develop a unique online debating platform, open to any high school student with an internet connection and a desire to collaborate and discuss our world’s most pressing issues. If you are a high school student and have an internet connection, you are able to join in our debate program.

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What is a Model United Nations ?

Model United Nations is a popular activity for those interested in learning about the work of the United Nations. It is an academic simulation of United Nations conferences in which students role-play as UN delegates and represent a state in a committee of the United Nations. As well as defending the interests of the state they represent, they have for mission to write a resolution following the formalism of the diplomats from the General Assembly of the United Nations states. The United Nations simulations are classics in the university field worldwide, and more commonly for passionate in debates.

Model United Nations take place all over the world, and every year, hundreds of thousands of students on all educational levels participate. Many of today´s leaders in law, government, business and the arts participated in Model UN as a student. Putting yourself in a diplomat´s shoe for a few days can train you to the operation of United Nations procedures. To do so, each participant is required to do the research needed to take part in international negations.The goal at the end of the simulation is to find some consensual decisions, with a final intent to keep peace.

Our Mission & Vision

Smart Diplomats believes in democratizing the availability of the Model United Nations experience in engaging all high school students in the collaborative process of problem-solving and consensus-building and to foster leadership and positive engagement through the discussion and debate of the world’s most pressing problems.
Smart Diplomats believes that there is inherent worth in bringing together diverse groups of students, across different cultures and vast geographic distances, in real-time, for the process of gaining knowledge and laying the foundation for openness and understanding between people.

Smart Diplomats believes in the leveling effect of technology and supports its academic program, the ability to bring diverse students together in an online environment, working together and at the highest academic standards, to promote human development, tolerance, and peace.



United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
Topic: The Uighur Repression in Xinjiang, China
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Topic: Global Goals 2030: No poverty and Zero Hunger
World Health Organization (WHO)
Topic: Mental health action plan: Promoting care and treatment
United Nations Women (UNW)
Topic: Ensuring gender equality by alleviating discrimination against women
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)
Topic: Ensuring Quality Education & Increasing accessibility to e-learning for children

Code of Conduct

The purpose of a Model United Nation’s program is to model the best practices of collaboration, cooperation and constructive debate irrespective of an individual’s race, gender, political or sexual orientation, age, or nationality. To that end, all Smart Diplomats participants agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Rules Of Procedures

Schedule: Timings in GMT +8:30 (Turkiye Timings)
12:30-12:40Reporting of Delegates
12:41-14:00MUN 101 Training Session
14:00-15:30Committee Session 01
15:45-17:15Committee Session 02
17:30-18:30Committee Session 03
12:30-12:40Reporting of Delegates
12:45-14:45Committee Sessions 04
14:45-15:00Break 01
15:00-17:00Committee Sessions 05
17:00-17:15Break 02
17:15-18:30Closing Ceremony

Executive Leadership Team


Under Secretary for Delegates

Matthew White

Under Secretary for Delegates

Michael Dover

Under Secretary for Academics

Angelina Holy

Under Secretary for Guest Speakers

Janet Jones

Under Secretary for Marketing & Social Media

Michael Dover

Academic Officer

Jonathan Elves

Graphic Designer

Mike Michael

Softer Manager


The Smart Diplomats Model United Nations Conference (or, SDMUN for short) is an annual Model UN conference held online for delegates of all nationalities. We've welcomed over 300 delegates from the United States, Singapore, Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Australia, South Africa, and many more. We are a pioneer in the realm of online Model UN, and our diverse Secretariat makes us one of the only online conferences to deliver a truly global experience
SDMUN adopts the standard Model United Nations rules of procedure, albeit through an online medium (i.e. Zoom). Moderated and unmoderated caucuses, the general speakers’ list, and opening speeches are still moderated by the chairpersons of a committee. Certain features such as note-passing have been replaced with online functionalities, for instance, usage of the Zoom chat. You may refer to the SDMUN ROP document for more information.
You will need to have a reliable internet connection, access to the Zoom application, and a clear set of speakers and microphones.