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Smart Diplomats
Model United Nations!

SDMUN is a Istanbul, Turkiye based Organized by Smart Nation. Our mainly focuses on training & crafting Global Leaders & Diplomats through Diplomatic Simulations. It serves as a platform for Young Leaders and Change makers to exchange ideas and resolve the most challenging global issues. Our self-conception is based on the idea of raising awareness about issues of international significance and promoting the ideals of the United Nations, especially among younger people.

The main focus of our work is to foster cultural exchange as well as political education and international understanding. Simulations such as SDMUN are invaluable educational tools, as they teach our future leaders about the United Nations and the international community through intensively researched debate with their peers in a setting moderated by students from the most elite universities. In their committees, students are exposed to talented and inspiring speakers that come from many different relevant organizations and backgrounds.

The goal of SDMUN is to provide a professional and engaging conference, creating an atmosphere most conducive to learning. By utilizing engaging educational tools and resources in and out of our committee sessions, SDMUN is committed to mission of “education through simulation.” SDMUN strives to enhance delegates’ learning experiences in an impactful and enjoyable way through its conference programming. These extensive programming options allow our delegates to truly engage in their role as model diplomats and global citizens.

This conference is taking place in 08 December, to 10 December, 2023 at Istanbul, Turkiye. We hope to see you there!


Dates will announced soon

Academic Events ​


Smart Diplomats will be organizing an International Grand Symposium where guest speakers featuring eminent diplomats and ambassadors will deliver talks on the main theme i.e. Making Global Leaders. Delegates will also get a chance to debate and discuss on the topics with their fellows and ask questions to distinguished speakers while enjoying a lavish diplomatic Dinner.

Diplomatic Sessions

Countries will be assigned to the delegates and they will roleplay as diplomats and representatives during various diplomatic sessions. The topics will be specified for each council and delegates will present and justify their viewpoints which will serve as a great test of their potentials and oratory skills.


Cultural Day

We at Smart Diplomats understands that cultures are beautiful and fascinating and everyone loves to exhibit their culture to the world. Considering this, we have arranged a cultural night where everyone will join wearing the closing ceremony with their cultural dresses and give delightful and alluring performances adding fun to the experience.


Updated Soon


Frequent Questions and Answers

Yes, Smart Diplomats is a Self-Funded Conference and Participants will have to pay a Conference Fee. To view more details about each Package, Click Here 

All Registration Fee is Non-Refundable. However, you may be entitled to a Credit Voucher under special circumstances if you cancel your participation minimum 60 Days prior to Check-In.

Payment can be made online via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal Account or Direct Bank Transfer here.

Yes, All participants will be entitled to a Participation Certificate with an official seal of the Smart Diplomats from Smart Nation Turkiye.

Moreover, the best delegates will receive a certificate of appreciation in addition.

Applying to SDMUN 2023 is extremely easy. You must connect to the website called smartdiplomats.com ! Applications will open soon !

Observers are accepted during SDMUN 2023.

There is only one and simple way to contact us through this email: info@smartdiplomats.com and  Social media will not provide any answers that engage the SDMUN conference or its organizers.

You will only receive your allocation once your application is complete, meaning that you have been accepted and you have paid the conference fees. We do our best to give you your preferences but be aware that it is first-come, first-served basis.

At least four delegates (including one head delegate) from the same school, association or institution can form a delegation.

The skills listed a prerequisite in today’s competitive environment. And by participating in SDMUN Conference, you get a chance to imbibe and implement these skills: 

Social Skills, Creative & Analytical thinking, Diplomatic skills, Problem solving, Negotiation & Debating skills.

We also provide you with benefits, like official certificates, preparation and Q&A sessions before the conference, and preparation materials like the RoP document, study guides, and a guideline paper.